June 2022

Head over to the show page to see the upcoming dates! Also stay tuned for our new band Dive Bards to start gigging in Denver next month.

January 2022

Changes abound! JT has officially left New York and made his way out west. Denver is the new source of revelry, and we're all keeping our fingers crossed that this new year brings us hope, love and, growth. New music is being made as we speak, so keep out your eyes and ears for the latest news. Here's to 2022!

June 2021

It's been a hell of a year, and we're happy for all of you that stuck with us. The single is out! "South Smoke Ridge" is now streaming on every platform out there. We're taking this thing worldwide, and we love you for joining us on the ride!

April 2021

We're putting the finishing touches on "South Smoke Ridge" and planning for a single release next month! The single will be available on all major streaming services. Stay tuned for more info on the presave and keep an eye on social media for more details.

February 2021

News from NYC! Matt is working on background vocals now that we're into 2021. We're looking to get out "South Smoke Ridge" just in time for your summertime playlist! Stay tuned in the next couple months.

September 2020

After a long hiatus, JT is finally back in the studio with producer Matt Werden. New single "South Smoke Ridge" coming out in the next few months!

December 2019

JT is hard at work in the studio. New music coming in early 2020!